Sally [Remastered]

by Wesslyn

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Remixed and remastered.


released January 7, 2019


all rights reserved



Wesslyn Galesburg, Illinois

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Track Name: Belvedere
I know I'm getting old
There's nothing to be done
A heart that's made of gold
I spent on staying young
And where were you
When I hydroplaned last year?
Personified into
This ode to sighs right here
I'm feeling this ghost on my shoulder

Help! My brain's at it again
Chemical reaction
Nuclear fusion
It keeps me hanging on and on and on and on...
To nothing at all
Gravity just does its thing
It lets me slip and fall
And realize there's no ghost
on my shoulder after all
Track Name: Pillars of Creation
Got the strongest of feelings
Where the comets are streaming
Space, both in and outside
This is the kind of love that's hardest to find

Til Heaven is empty
Our hearts are weightless yet heavy
Calm, cool, and collected
Crashing through the clouds the moon has reflected

Trying to see your face
Looking through gamma rays

Speed faster than starlight
The pillars of creation break through the dark night
Still frozen in time
Let the night sink in, the soaking of light dried.

Trying to see your face
Looking through gamma rays
Floating through outer space
Counting the nebulae
Track Name: It's Not Your Fault
When the hour is late and you're exhausted beyond belief
You tell me something like you just need time to think.
A quiet adieu, my wounds are filling up with salt
Tell me the truth, tell me it's not your fault.

I can't imagine a life without your tenderness
I had a vision, a memory I will surely miss
And it's keeping me up at night
Dreamscapes stretching far and wide
And a living nightmare comes to close and they collide.

I'm very sorry, I've given you all that I've got
Finish the story and tell me it's not your fault.
Track Name: Carcosa
Please keep me on the track
Until I figure out how to get you back.
I've got a space reserved for you
It's next to me if you want it to be.
You'd never forgive me for this
But every time the words escape my lips
"Ich liebe disch" and how I miss
a life filled with your tenderness

Sleeping and dreaming that life has some meaning
A feeling is creeping I wasn't worth keeping

I never got to tell you sorry
For all the times that I caused you worry.
Left behind I'm seeing time
With hopes of circles and not of lines.
You saved my life but it should be me
Instead the shit that has come to be
Every breath that I shouldn't take
Every night that I shouldn't wake

Sleeping and dreaming that life has some meaning
A feeling is creeping I wasn't worth keeping
Track Name: Know
It was like a paradise
I fell in love, I slipped on ice

Make the most of my ghost
Keep me close, 'cause no one knows

What it's like to be out to see
At Innisfree, at Vishnu Springs

Make the most of my ghost
Keep me close, 'they'll never know

Take me home and don't be long
Keep me from doing wrong
Track Name: Backburner
God laughed at all our plans
To finish what we start
With our attention spans
Waiting's the hardest part

Forgot the biggest picture
Lost track of all the time
Woke up inside the future
When you made up my mind

Backburner, a fire's glowing
Shelves that were overflowing

I could have sworn I'd lost it
Was too good to be true
Still worried time is toxic
I hope it won't poison you

Backburner is getting crowded
Could have sworn that life had started
Track Name: Eye Floaters
I waited up all night 'cause who needs sleep?
For the seventh straight night, for the seventh straight week
And even though my eyes are shut, my brain is at the speed of light
What's the point of keeping out something that's produced inside?
The source of dark demented thinking obscured
the prioritized basics to survive in this world
Keeping up with planetary orbit and spin
You can't live without it and you can't live within.

This sorrow's too intense
The dread, the fear, the mess
This sorrow feeds on me
Like parasites that spread disease

The peaking of shadows trace us in the glow
And that I can witness is the shit that overflows
From a sinking rock bottom, Jesus Christ, is it low
And how do I rid denial of things I don't know
My field of vision's not a conscious decision
To try and see around the obstruction's forbidden
Just because it can change doesn't mean that it will
I'll wait up every night and continue until

This sorrow's too insane
The love, the loss, the pain
This sorrow's killing me
Am I in Hell, or should I be?

You asked for faith your fingers crossed
Your mysterious ways should never include loss
Bring her back, make me gone
But God's too stubborn to admit when he's wrong
Track Name: Perfect Sorrow
True love keeps you on your toes
True love sweeps you off your feet
True love puts you in the clouds
True love keeps you on the ground

You're running back and forth through my head.
Track Name: Colorado
This is it.
Fuck it.
It is what it is.
Track Name: Comfort Zone
Was getting tired of these walls falling down on me
Every time I try to climb up the sides and see
Who's been keeping me here in a house made of cards
Rebuilding itself every time it falls
And when I saw it was you, I'd never try to resist
To spend the rest of my days in a place such as this

Take my mind, take my soul, take my sense of self
Leave my heart and I won't need nothing else
Blindly climb until it falls back down again
And I hear you call to me as I try and ascend
'Cause when I do it for you, I only do it for you
There's no walls that'll keep you from coming through

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