The Living Windows EP

by Wesslyn

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released November 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Wesslyn Galesburg, Illinois

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Track Name: The Flames of Sir Joseph Lockwood
Track Name: Little York
In the dead of night
We saw it taking flight
In dim moonlight.

(It ) Tower(ed) through the trees.
Brought me to my knees.
I felt the summer breeze
down empty streets.

I will settle for
These sweetened dreams no more
Tell me what to feel
It felt so real.

I won't settle with
This sugar-coated myth
Tell me what to change
I'll re-arrange.
Track Name: Everyone Here is On Drugs Except Me
Once again it's on your breath
I'll hide your cigarettes.
Our shadows stab our back
Our hearts just cause attacks.

Far away from misery
Only when I cannot see
Take one more for the team
All for one is all you need.

Everyone here is gone.

Falling off a cliff would be
easier than trying to leave
Desolated ashes give
the only life you have to live.

Everyone here is on something strong.
You come undone.

Everyone here is gone, something's wrong.
You come undone.
Track Name: Hydroplane
Even though it was pissing down all night.
Even though I was missing you all right.
Even thought you were gonna let me go
Up the road the river flowed.

Even when there were signs that you were gone.
Even left me with a loaded gun.
Even at a hundred thousand feet
At top speed, burn gasoline.

I see stars on the road.
In spite of you I never slowed.
Hit that gas, accelerated like your hatred for me.

Even though I was sleeping on your floor.
Even when they came knocking at your door.
Even then, you wouldn't do a thing
They couldn't bring you suffering.

Travel down on this guilt trip
I never felt the tires slip.
I never took my eyes off the ball
But on the last stretch I lost control.
Track Name: A Narrow Bridge
Track Name: First Person Funeral
I died, I died
Oh how I tried
To stay alive
But I died. I died.

I got played like an ace of space.
I died.

I'm gone, I've gone
Under the lawn.
My time has come.
I'm gone. I'm gone.

We are just ants, insignificant.
Only ants.

I died. I died.
Say your goodbyes.
You're still alive.
Track Name: After Dark
After dark
Come save me
When I need saving
I know that you'll come
I know you won't run away
You run away.

After dark
Don't leave me
I'm trying to get free
I'm running through the night
I'm trapped in the twilight zone.
The twilight zone.

After dark
Save my screen
I'm trying to relieve.
I'm running through the night
I'm trapped in the twilight zone.